Many review sites are biased, and they write what they were paid to write. This gives a wrong image to the clients, and that is something we want to change. Our goal is to deliver correct information to all who read this so they can see what exactly we are all about.

We want to present you all we can do, and thus this will be a sort of overview of services you or your loved one can expect when you (or they) apply for rehabilitation.

Treatment forms that our facility provides

When it comes to treatment types, then there are three of them, inpatient, outpatient and the combination of the two.

Everything Our Facility Has To OfferInpatient procedures require the patient to stay in the facility. This prevents them from going back to their bad habits before the withdrawal and healing process ends. They are monitored 24/7, and the visitors are also checked for substances that aren’t allowed. This type of treatment is usually chosen for individuals that went into relapse and those that can’t control their urges. All clients can choose whether they want this sort of therapy or not as it isn’t mandatory (in the majority of cases).

If our client opts for the outpatient program, then it means that they will return home after each treatment. They can go back to their family whenever they want. This is also an excellent option for people who can’t take time off their work to get over their addiction. Our specialists will advise on the type of the program that a patient should go through once they go through the evaluation process. The person in question can then either accept the recommendation or choose another option. The chance for a successful recovery changes if the client goes against the advice.

The third option is so-called mixed treatment where the patient stays at the facility for a while and then goes home for a few days (after treatments). This is a highly flexible option that is there to help people that want some freedom of movement. A good example of this program is a client that goes home on weekdays while they stay at the facility during a weekend.

Analysis that uncovers secrets

Everything Our Facility Has To Offer

You already know that proper evaluation of a client plays a major part in the rehabilitation process. Our assessment system exceeds the abilities of our competition due to advanced tests we perform. Just check our rehab facility analyzer, and you will understand what we are talking about.

And don’t think that analysis of an individual is nothing but data gathering. This process helps us to decide what kind of treatment a patient needs and whether they need some medications to help them to overcome urges during withdrawal.