Get Rid Of addiction With Us


Drugs and alcohol can present an obstacle that will ruin an individual that had a chance of succeeding in life. Starting an alcohol rehab program in Florida is easy, and many approach them to relieve stress they experience during their work. But these addictive substances are hard to let go, especially for those that are stressed on a daily basis.

We are here to help all those that want to get rid of their addiction. The first step that everyone talks about is accepting the fact that you are addicted. Once you get that over with then, we step up with our help. Our facility is perfectly outfitted to deal with drug abusers, and there hasn’t been even one individual that left us with bad results.

You can take a free tour of the facility, and our employees will explain everything you need to know about practices we do to cure addiction in our patients.



Every decent rehab center needs a list of services that will fulfill desires of all patients. The range of services that we offer goes from group séances to one-on-one treatments, depending on the wish of the client as well as their financial state. Here are some of the services we offer.

Free Rehab

Free rehab service is something that we offer to those that don’t have money for proper rehabilitation. This service includes group chats and advice from a professional. We can’t provide any meds or rooms for non-paying clients because we would lose too much money on that.


The detoxification process is crucial in the rehab of those that have serious issues with alcohol and drugs (especially in the case of drugs). The withdrawal process will cause pain and discomfort, and thus proper detox is necessary as it cleanses the body and removes harmful toxins from it.

Post Treatment

Post-treatment counseling is another service that we offer. We understand that many patients succumb to the temptation and go into relapse (they start drinking and using drugs again). The solution for this is regular counseling sessions that keep a patient away from bad influences.



We are happy to say that dozens upon dozens of our clients went through our program and came out as useful members of the society. Our privacy rules forbid us from sharing personal info of our patients (including names), but we can share their opinion about our services.



“I wouldn’t be able to write this if I didn’t apply to rehab with Biomed Ockerman. I had a big drug abuse issue, and that brought my life to the edge of the ruin. Treatments I received by this facility helped me to abandon drugs and start making my life better” says Jo.


“Alcohol can be a helpful stress relief tool, but for me, it turned out to be an instrument of my destruction. Thank God that I found Biomed Ockerman, and thank God to my friends who gave me support in the decision to apply for rehab. I wouldn’t be here without them”


“Dealing with drugs was almost impossible for me alone, and thus I decided to seek help. Biomed Ockerman was my first choice because I heard good things about them from a friend. The fact that I am three months clean is proof that my friend knew what he was talking when he recommended this company”